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Buy insurance or keep coming back tomorrow, was Goldcar’s airport ultimatum


I know there’s been a huge amount of complaints about Goldcar car rental, even so had an experience along with them in Nice airport yesterday i always thought might be interesting towards your readers.

My flight was delayed, when I visit Goldcar your place of work was closing. I called from the terminal along with the agent opted for loose time waiting for me. Once we spent about Ten mins filling in the paperwork, the agent suddenly announced i always will need to take excess insurance for 65 (50). Only chose not to take this optional extra however, within the words, n’t have the perfect time to rent us a car so i must return in the am. I queried this and then he raised his voice, stood up and grow into quite threatening. He smiled and told me to go out of your place of work since he was now closing.

By this really is essential it absolutely was nearly 11pm, I became in the unknown section of town and was painfully conscious that I’d personally be sleeping rough plainly couldn’t comply, thus had to sign. The action left me shaken.

When I’d booked the vehicle, the CarTrawler site said the hire location was a few minutes within the airport terminal when using the free shuttle service. What it doesn’t have to say is the shuttle only runs until 7pm. Any customers arriving following this have got to take a 25 taxi.

I contacted CarTrawler within the hour. Its representative suggested it could refund my taxi (only could present a receipt, that we hadn’t got, as a result of pressure to get at the agent before he shut), but revealed that, in the event the insurance was signed, it turned out a lawful document and may quit disputed.

On the recommendation of Guardian Money, I had put together applied for hire excess insurance coming from a other, thus was required to buy insurance Some want or need. JC, London

By happy, or unhappy, coincidence, Juan Carlos Azcona, the key executive of Goldcar, got into the Guardian the other day to clarify how his company has evolved, and in what ways they’re with a search to make these particular stories a little something of the past. Goldcar is the topic of some horror stories, during this and other newspapers’ money sections, possibly at one stage we warned consumers to stop the company.

So what, if anything, has changed and it’s it time and energy to review our advice considering that it is hard to pun intended, the company in Europe?

Azcona says staff continue to earn commission from selling extra insurance but was clear that they may be also judged and rewarded to have happy customers. Goldcar is introducing self-service terminals at its busiest locations and, he states, a host of other improvements. He suggests UK buyers should book making use of the company website, as customers that do tend to have a lot higher satisfaction scores mainly because they aren’t given wrong information by broker websites.

Naturally we asked him about it case too. Having looked at the challenge, he stated the branch had told his office that, rather than impose the after-hours fee of 40, it had offered you the extra insurance instead.

Happily between Goldcar and CarTrawler, you might be refunded the 25 taxi fare as well as 65 which the extra insurance cost. Goldcar has confirmed that, as opposed to your details, riding on the bus service does run until 10pm should the office closes.

Readers who use Goldcar will no doubt am getting at how their rentals went. We’ll report on their behavior right after summer, when our postbag usually swells with car hire complaints.

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