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Getting divorced? Beware your RAC vehicle insurance premium growing


My RAC car insurance, underwritten by Co-op Insurance, was renewed at the outset of May for 581.88 that has a 100 compulsory excess. I reviewed the documents and referred to as RAC to notify them of merely one change: which was now divorced. However, The trainer told us my new policy must be cancelled i have to pay 929.88 using a 200 compulsory excess with an identical policy with another insurer (Aviva) – just because I acquired divorced. My risks are yet to changed in any way, thus picture this being extortion.

I seemed to be told I had to renew by 10pm or my policy could well be cancelled in the morning. After hrs on the phone, a supervisor accepted I did every reason to generally be upset and the she had escalate the problem.

I have already been with the RAC over 10 years and would like to stay with it, but only in the agreed renewal price. I would also love to be aware of the RAC can justify discriminating against divorcees that way. FMcA, London

We were similarly shocked. Simply changed your status from married to divorced, while specifying for you to were going to maintain ex-husband being a second driver on your policy.

When we approached the RAC we received mixed messages. Initially it said all insurers would revise their calculations good improvement in relationship status on the named driver from spouse to additional driver. Following Co-op refused to insure you, the RAC says it visited the 17 other insurers on its panel to challenge the premium so as to reduce the cost, but Aviva was the lowest. It then told her i would decrease the new premium by 100.

However, soon after it took some other position: “On detailed investigation, we can easily state that the progress to FMcA’s policy failed to connect with her change in marital status. Clearly, there was confusion. We’re also addressing what’s causing it must be urgency and it’ll pick this up in our support services training. Now we have sincerely apologised for any worry and inconvenience, honoured her original policy price which made a goodwill gesture.”

Interestingly, however, BBC Radio 4’s Money Box programme has looked at your complaint and sought quotes reflecting your status from much more than 30 firms. And a lot of organize their full capacity price by 20%-30%.

We wish to listen to every other readers who believe they have been discriminated against following divorce.

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