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Preparing to make use of a car abroad august? Read our guide first





Mark all blemishes and damage about the rental agreement before you drive off. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo

When you come back the auto take photos of panel of your car, the wheels and also the odometer. Hand the keys returning to employees and enquire of these phones inspect the automobile. Ideally, cause them to sign to ensure you will find no new damage. Whether or not it’s let into the evening keep clear if approached by someone in the car park claiming to get results for the firm. One reader faced a lengthy battle after his car was stolen this way.

If you may have damaged the vehicle, take photos than it. Your vehicle hire firm bills you the actual excess, which you could reclaim when you get home. Whilst keeping their hands on the paperwork choice . rental passed off uneventfully. From the following weeks, monitor your bank card -statements for extra payments. When you have bought excess protection, reclaim it in the firm you want. For those who bought the motor car hire firm’s policy as well as the claimed damage is just not covered

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