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Swiftcover not quick enough to pay me back excess after crash


I was linked to a vehicle in August 2016 C a van hit me from behind once i waited at a roundabout. I collected the other details on the van driver and contacted my insurance provider, Swiftcover. It arranged for any repairs to my car to get executed, of to my satisfaction. But to achieve this I needed to give the excess in my small policy of 250. Swiftcover quickly agreed the fact that accident was not my fault. However, despite several emails and long enquiries it’s not reimbursed me the 250. It initially claimed that it hadn’t been capable to contact other driver, even though it told me he could be insured with Axa Commercial. Axa owns Swiftcover.

It later emerged which it hadn’t attempted to contact him by any means C so had gone on the wrong team internally. I am getting nowhere C do you help? GS, Bristol

Being hit using a driver who is insured with the same company appears to throw up this issue many times to generally be coincidental. We now have featured similar cases before, and you can now understand: there isn’t any incentive with the insurer to chase sleep issues to your excess, as it would be in essence looking for the funds out from another little the identical company.

Happily, a telephone call to Swiftcover swiftly resolved the matter. The corporation has apologised for your delay. “We can see that there were issues gets hotter located receiving liability, however this is not enough to warrant GS having to wait this long. His excess has recently been paid 100 % and that we have offered 75 as the gesture of goodwill,” says a spokeswoman.

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