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Why can’t I buy a no-claims bonus in my second car?


I got such a second car observed an insurance quote. I sent a duplicate in the insurance certificate for my other car showing 10 years’ no-claims discount (NCD) but was told We would need to pay almost 90 more because I were required to build-up an NCD in my new car. How should i have Decade driving one vehicle and none driving another?

VW, Leicestershire

Unfortunately, that is the way it truely does work. Although you’d think an NCD reflected your skill to be a driver rather then what wheels you drive, this process is true of only one vehicle. You’ll be able to usually transfer it if you replace a vehicle but is not include it with a second car.

There are insurers that can enable you to mirror your NCD using a second car if you pick a multicar policy, therefore it could be worth asking the insurer to your other car anything they typically offer.

Otherwise, check around and search for a deal for vehicles when your existing insurance shows up for renewal.

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