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Admiral to price vehicle insurance dependant on Facebook posts


One of the biggest insurance vendors in the uk is to use social network to analyse the personalities of drivers and hang the asking price of their insurance.

The unprecedented move highlights the start a different era based on how companies use online important data all of which will start a debate about privacy.

Admiral Insurance will analyse the Facebook accounts of first-time car owners to find personality that will be related to safe driving. For instance, traders who are known as conscientious and well-organised will score well.

Facebook forces Admiral to get will price auto insurance according to posts

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The insurer will examine posts and likes by the Facebook user, although not photos, interested in habits that research has shown are related to these traits. Examples include writing in brief concrete sentences, using lists, and arranging to meet friends on a set place and time, rather than just “tonight”.

In contrast, evidence that this Facebook user may very well be overconfident

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